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Scott Picken

Who is Scott Picken?

Scott Picken is a serial Fintech entrepreneur who is passionate about technology and marrying it with real estate. He is a published author, an authority on Fintech in real estate and a master real estate analyst and investment expert who's active in several global markets, including the United States, the UK, Australia, Asia, and South Africa. Scott is passionate about Collaborative SMART Investing™ and is one of the first to realize its potential to revolutionize real estate forever and create global wealth for all. I believe my purpose is to solve the wealth gap.

  • 1998

    Completed B.Sc Construction Management (Cum Laude) with a dissertation on how technology was going to change construction & real estate at University of Cape Town, South Africa

  • 2001
    Masters in Construction Technology (Cum Laude) with a dissertation on how technology was going to change construction & real estate at London's University of Greenwich, UK
  • 2004

    Started International Property Solutions (IPS) in London

  • 2010
    Started Wealth Migrate
  • 2014

    Published Book, Property Going Global

property-going-global  scott-picken

Property Going global

 How to Create Global Wealth and Invest With Confidence!

Currently, four out of five South African adults are concerned about their future and are looking for answers, solutions, and systems to secure their future. Property Going Global provides definitive answers to every reader’s financial future, examining key areas such as how to invest in real estate internationally and how to create global wealth safety with a tried and tested system.

With Property Going Global, Scott Picken encourages readers to take a bold step into the world of globalisation, international property, and crowdfunding and to learn how to take advantage of some of the greatest current trends that are changing the Global Village. This book is essential for all investors and has been personally endorsed by 40 widely respected local and international industry experts.

My Companies

  • wealth migrate

    Wealth Migrate

    Crowd Investing / Real Estate


    Blockchain / Real Estate
  • IPS


    Invests in First World Countries
  • wealth movent

    Wealth Movement

    Networking / Wealth Creation
  • Business Breakthroughs Africa

    Business Breakthroughs Africa

    Turbo-charge your business
  • double your sales

    Double Your Sales

    Teach people how to Double their Sales!


    „Scott Picken truly understands international property investment and “Property Going Global” is an essential reference for any savvy property investor.“

    Earl Gabriel

    „Scott Picken is undoubtedly one of the most consistent and astute proponents of property investment, and certainly its most enthusiastic voice in South Africa.“

    Dr. Dolf de Roos

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