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Our Manifesto

Imagine a world...
A world where most or all people are literate
A world where education is par for the course
A world where woman are treated as equals
A world where all people have access to (investment) opportunities

In this world children will grow up in a family, and raised in a home their parents own. 
Because of this, they will be healthier and have access to healthcare facilities and caregivers. 
They live in less stressful environments with less conflict in their homes.

Imagine a world where 6 billion people on the planet who currently live in poverty can live a better life … 
…Even if we can only help a billion in the next 5 years

Imagine that world
#WEALTHMOVEMENT aims to create that world

The Goal

#WEALTHMOVEMENT aims to lead the way in creating global wealth for all through real estate crowdfunding.

The purpose of #WEALTHMOVEMENT is to empower 1 billion of the world’s population across various income sectors through access to real estate crowdfunding.

The spirit of Ubuntu, an ancient African tradition as embodied by Nelson Mandela, is based on the premise that we are only who we are because of other people. It means that we are far stronger together. Translated it says, “I am, because of you” and implies, “People are people because of other people.” This is the basis of crowdfunding and the very foundation of #WEALTHMOVEMENT.

Literacy is the only sustainable solution for the planet, for peace and stability.

Bill Gates


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