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The Goal

The WEALTHE™ Coin is a utility token and will be the fuel that powers access to and growth of the Wealth Migrate Platform. The WEALTHETM Coin will be both the mechanism (currency) to qualify for platform membership and it will also provide incentivization for the use and engagement on the platform.

The Vision

We have to empower the 99% of the World's population and give them the
same access to wealth as the top 1% if we want to co-create a sustainable and
better planet for all. This is not a nice to have, this is a necessity!
Scott Picken


ERCC20 Token
Real Estate

Real Estate

The asset behind the WealthE™ coin


Secure & Decentralized

Building the concept

Economic inequality is one of the greatest challenges
in the world today. For this reason, the founding
team built Wealth Migrate—an online Real Estate
Marketplace that democratizes access to quality
real estate assets across the globe at an affordable
amount (currently USD 1000).
For as long as humans have accumulated wealth,
land and real estate have been the number one
vehicle for growing and preserving wealth. 49% of
the world’s wealth is held in real estate and the total
market value is over USD 217 Trillion. Whether they
are a rice farmer in China, a rickshaw driver in India, a goat herder in Africa, or an investment banker in New
York, everyone on the planet understands the intrinsic value of real estate—whether they have access to it or not.
Today, Wealth Migrate’s WealthE™ Coin is set to
provide the catalyst that will ultimately fulfill the
company’s purpose. With this initial Token Sale,
Wealth Migrate aims to set in motion a solution that
will solve, once and for all, the wealth gap by removing all the barriers, friction costs, and other limitations which exist with the current framework.
The challenge is that less than 12.9% of the world’s
population has access to real estate. And according
to statistics in the western world, of this 12.9%, less
than 1% will retire wealthy at 65.
Wealth Migrate believes in the principle that you can
have anything you want in life if you help enough
other people get what they want. It is time to solve
this Wealth Gap problem.

Funds raised and how we use them

Be part of democratizing wealth!

USD 29 - 30 million: Help fund “Wealth Gap” movie with Jeff Hays, a documentary filmmaker, educating the world on the related problems and solutions

USD 28 - 29 million: Fund USD 1M incentive prize with HeroX & Peter Diamandis to put SMART investing in everyone's pocket

USD 28 million: Purchase key real estate to accelerate fractionalization real estate offerings, to help solve the wealth gap

USD 18 million: Provide growth funding for global roll-out of Wealth Create, Wealth University and Wealth Movement

USD 13 million: Sourcing additional members for Wealth Migrate's world-class executive team 

USD 11 million: Fund global marketplace platform roll-out

USD 9 million: Additional funding for marketing to grow company

USD 0-5 millionFund the development plan to grow the existing platform and develop the WealthE™ Exchange 

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