Lessons from 2014

Every year, we need to learn the lessons, examine and plan to make the next year even better. These are my lessons from 2014. http://bit.ly/1GuOaSK

For those with short attention span and who want the brief summary of the lessons:

1. Freedom – “How to have the freedom you want in your life.”
2. Diversify with focus – follow Warren Buffett, Peter Thiel and other billionaires or even nature’s laws, to ensure you get the wealth you want.
3. Find the best and pay for it – make sure you are the best you can be and how to do it.
4. Educate yourself – When you don’t know, invest the time to find the answers and get the knowledge.
5. Stick to the fundamentals – how to avoid risk?
6. Learn from those who are already doing it – the fastest way to growth.
7. Partnership is the only way to leap frog the old method of organic growth or trial and error.
8. Globalization is same same but different – why South African’s are the same as the Chinese and how to provide solutions globally.
9. Gratitude – the greatest gift we have.
10. Hard work, persistence or having a vision and a purpose – how to achieve anything you want to achieve.
11. Become an insider by doing your research, join 21st century investors. The 20th century was all about control and lack of understanding. It is why the wealth gap is the greatest challenge facing the sustainability of the planet and why ¾ of westerners are worried about the future, ¼ don’t trust the financial system and most don’t know what to do. I show you how I learnt to become an insider and invest like the top 1%.
12. Test, measure, predict, scale – the only solution to growth.
13. Do it with family – the way in the 21st century to have everything you want!
14. Go Big or go Home – Dream Big and how to make it happen!

Please make sure you take the time to relax with family, replenish your energy, review 2014 and plan to make 2015 your greatest year yet!

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