6 reasons to end 2017 STRONG!

Dear Global Community

“The right information at the right time is nine-tenths of any battle.” Napoleon

2017 has continued to be a year of disruptive changes. In a space of constant change you have to have the best and most up-to-date information to ensure you are making the right decisions for yourself and your family.

In light of this we have arranged Global Wealth Partner Online Update to share with you some very important information. There are 6 reasons you will get tremendous value from attending:

  1. Everyone is talking about Bitcoin. Is it going to crash or is it going to double again in the next few month’s? What you need to know? Willem van der Post (ex Deloitte Partner) is an expert in crypto currencies and has made a lot of money arbitraging them. Understand the fundamental components. Learn what you need to know.
  2. Medical 9, 10, 11 & 12 – what is in the pipeline? Hennie and Machiel have just returned from America and have lined up more than a $1 billion of quality opportunities. Machiel will explain exactly what you need to know from what is happening on the ground.
  3. Portfolio Sale – If you have invested in Med 1 to 5, then you need to be there as we discuss the offer on the table. Everyone is a seller at a certain price and we might just have achieved that. Come and understand the strategy of the Portfolio Sale.
  4. 17 lessons & milestones in 2017 – each year I share our greatest lessons for the year, while also updating on key milestones achieved in 2017. I will share our insights.
  5. ICO of WealthE Coin – Regalcoin ICO was sold around $0,9 last month and today is $31. Just within one month. LISKCOIN was sold at $0,0002 per coin during ICO last year (2016), as at Oct 1st 2017. It is worth $5,52 on bittrex exchanges. A $100 worth LISKCOIN during ICO now worth $3 million USD. If you invested € 10 000 in every ICO in 2017, good and bad, you would be up 13,2x on your money. These are the benefits of buying into an ICO. How do you do this and want represents a good ICO? Understand how Wealth Migrate is launching WealthE Coin which is a crypto based on the intrinsic value of real estate.
  6. Share and Celebrate – in life you should always reflect on lessons and milestones, etc but you also need to celebrate. Our Global Wealth Partner Community is the strongest asset we have in this group. Let’s celebrate with like minded friends and family and finish the year on a high…

Global Online Event – 7th Nov 2017

Please feel free to pass this onto your friends!

I look forward to seeing you there. In life people don’t remember how you start. They always remember how you finish. Make sure you finish 2017 strong!


Scott Picken

Founder & CEO Wealth Migrate

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