Is Real Estate the new Gold? WealthE (TM) Coin – a crypto currency based on real estate

Bitcoin is all the rage. What is it? What is the value based on? Is it the cost of electricity to mine it or is it supply and demand? Is it 1’s and 0’s or is it hype? Should I join a pyramid scheme (MLM) and make my ‘fortune’ mining them?

People are talking about it. Price is going up. It MUST have value… There might be an even better opportunity…

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3 weeks ago I realized the world had changed. My Aunt (who is a very special part of my life) and who barely can use a SMART phone, asked how to buy Bitcoin. I knew we were now through the early adopter phase and probably into the next boom bust phase. They always say in real estate, ‘When your hairdresser is talking about buying investment property it is time to sell!’

Don’t get me wrong, crypto currencies are here to stay, but just because you can write a ‘white paper’ does not mean than you can create value.

Being an entrepreneur for more than 15 years I have learnt one thing in life. You are only worth the ‘value’ you create!

Let’s take a few steps back. In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin and more importantly in the process invented Blockchain. 2 years I got laughed at by my corporate mates when I told them how blockchain is going to change the world and yet 2 years later many people (including me) think that Blockchain is going to have a bigger impact on the planet than the internet itself.

Saying this, since we at Wealth Migrate understood blockchain, we have been aggressively building the solution. We knew it held the answer to our question of solving our vision of making real estate investment as simple as a swipe of the finger from $1. It can remove all the friction of not only local investment, but also international investment.

Long before we had ever heard the word ICO we embarked on the development of your Trusted Global Real Estate Marketplace. In October 2016 we launched the first global platform in real estate which was built on blockchain. The intention was to build critical mass and then overlay it with a cypto currency based on real estate.

Our logic was I have a Master Degree in Technology (Cum Laude) (Greenwich, London) and I battle to understand the value of Bitcoin. How are my mother, who is a teacher, and my brother, who is a doctor, ever suppose to understand it?

However, every single person on the planet – all 7 billion, no matter how poor or unbanked, understand the value of land and real estate. Equally it has intrinsic value which can be measured in every local market and is real, tangible and understood. Better than gold, which just sits in a vault and you ‘hope and pray’ it retains value and / or increases, real estate actually earns you an income while over the long term increasing in value.

There is a reason that there are sayings like, “He who owns the land is King.”

We decided to reverse engineer the problem. Crypto’s are here to stay, however they are very volatile and the majority don’t understand them. Therefore why not create a crypto which is based on real estate. It is asset backed by real estate, has an intrinsic value and most importantly is understood by the entire global population.

On the 30th of August 2017 we unveiled to the world the solution. WealthE (TM) Coin a crypto which is asset backed by real estate.

From our last count there are 10 ICO’s which are launching based on real estate. The only difference with us is that we are not a white paper. I wrote a dissertation on how technology was going to change real estate in 1998 and have spent the last 19 years trying marry real estate and technology together. We have not only built the platform on blockchain, but we have moved $62m through the platform and have investors from 40 countries. Yes that is already more than 20% of all countries on the planet.

Our Global Real Estate portfolio is worth $362 million and is based on 4 continents… This is tangible, real and not a ‘white paper’ or an idea.

We are now ready and it is why we are launching WealthE (TM) Coin to enable investors. This is more than an idea, this is the future of real estate and is already happening.

Is the crypto market going to crash? Definitely. It is a classic boom/ bust which is about to happen, but like in the early 2000’s when they internet bubble burst, many companies went bankrupt but the great ones, with solid fundamentals, not only survived, but thrived. Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Salesforce etc struggled initially, however the crash turned out to be the best thing which could have happened to them.

I learnt a long time ago, the best way to manage risk is to work out the worst case scenario and if you can manage it then everything else is upside. We have measured the risk and we believe if we can work with the best on the planet, we will build something which is not only robust and will out live a crash, but will be world class and become the world standard for real estate. An example of this is David Orban, a faculty member for Singularity University and an expert on blockchain and token / coin design. He is helping us build the solution the world needs.

Everyone in the ICO space is focused on speed. We are focused on quality.

If you want to know more then sign up on our platform – click here – and we will let you know when you can participate in something of quality which is sustainable.

Real Estate the new gold? We think so …

A final comment is that 49% of the worlds wealth is held in real estate, yet only 12,9% of the worlds population has access to it. On top of this, of the 12,9% less than 1% will retire wealthy at the age of 65. This is disgusting and it is time for a change. We are one of the drivers behind the Wealth Movement which is aiming to empower a billion people by 2020 and make a better and more sustainable planet for all. WealthE (TM) Coin is the catalyst which will allow this to happen!

I leave you with our manifesto:

Imagine a world…

A world where most or all people are literate

A world where education is par for the course

A world where women are treated as equals

A world where all people have access to (investment) opportunities

In this world children will grow up in a family, and raised in a home their parents own.

Because of this, they will be healthier and have access to healthcare facilities and caregivers.

They live in less stressful environments with less conflict in their homes.

Imagine a world where 6 billion people on the planet who currently live in poverty can live a better life …

…Even if we can only help a billion in the next 5 years

Imagine that world

#WEALTHMOVEMENT aims to create that world

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UPDATE: Here is the recording of the Webinar

OR: Join us at our live events globally:


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