Open Letter to President Ramaphosa and Mr. Malema on land redistribution without compensation

Dear Mr. President and Mr. Malema

You both have a major problem and so does every single South African. On one hand, it is right that we need land redistribution in South Africa and on the other hand we have to protect the food security of the country, the basis of property rights and the economy. Many argue they are polar opposites.

What if there was a way we could achieve both goals?

Mr. Mandela said, Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will!”

The greatest challenge on the planet is the growing Wealth Gap. The World Economic Forum calls the gap between the richest and the poorest the biggest risk to global stability (2014, Davos Switzerland).

As I say, “We have to empower the 99% and give them the same access to wealth as the top 1% if we want to co-create a sustainable and better planet for all. This is not a nice to have, this is a necessity!”

With the broken current system, the question is how…

For as long as humans have accumulated wealth, land and real estate has been the number one vehicle for growing and preserving wealth. It is the reason there are sayings like, “He who owns the land is king.” 49% of the world’s wealth is held in Real Estate and the total market value is over $200 Trillion. Whether you are a rice farmer in China, a rickshaw driver in India, a goat herder in Africa or an investment banker in New York, every single person on the planet understands the intrinsic value of real estate, regardless of access.

The challenge is that less than 12,9% of the world’s population has access to real estate. Of this 12,9% who actually have access, according to statistics in the western world, less than 1% of them will retire wealthy at 65. The system is broken.

People in South Africa believe that if they have land they will become wealthy. Wealth is what everyone wants for themselves and also their families – access to wealth and freedom. What if the redistribution of agricultural land, without farming skills does not translate to wealth or an improved life? Zimbabwe is a perfect example for this, where previously productive farms have not been used effectively resulting in the lack of food for the nation and a knock on the economy.

What if there was a better way?

As Tony Robbins, the greatest coach in the world, says, “The easiest way to become wealthy is to copy what wealthy people are doing.”

Through the use of technology (gamification, the blockchain, network effects, Collaborative SMART Investing) and real estate, WealthE Coin will provide the catalyst to empower the 99% with the same access as the top 1% to wealth, ensuring a catalytic and purposeful impact to solving the greatest challenge on the planet.

Conceived in South Africa, where economic inequality is one of the highest in the world, Wealth Migrate is already reducing this inequality and fostering wealth inclusion by democratizing global real estate ownership through dropping the minimum investment amounts in quality real estate assets, making it affordable to all, yet earning the same relative returns as what the wealthy would achieve. These are assets that truly will help people become wealthy, as they are income producing assets and the same as the 1% invest in. The platform already has members in 111 countries around the world and investors from 44 countries. It is the solution to solve South Africa’s greatest challenge.

Wealth Migrate’s vision is to make global real estate investing as simple as swiping a finger from as little as $1.

Its mission is to solve the wealth gap and empower at least a billion people by putting the power of SMART InvestingTM in everyone’s pocket.

Most people believe that helping the 99% it is about taking away from the 1%. What if we could achieve the same result by empowering the 99% and reducing the gap? It is about abundance rather than scarcity.

Imagine that we build a desalinization plant in Cape Town in which every citizen can invest and are granted shares in the company making this their source of income and not government aid. Not only would they own the asset, they would also create wealth through the income of the asset, while Cape Town gets a much-needed resource. It is a win-win scenario.

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Maybe it is time to think differently, use technology and solutions which already exist, and can achieve both outcomes which both of you are looking for.

I believe you both want prosperity for the people of South Africa. The time is now to use technology and make this a reality.

Please let us help you, help South Africa.

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