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Rebuild Knysna’s Homes Crowdfunding Campaign

Synopsis: Knysna’s Families have been devastated by the #knysnafires. Massive funding will help with short term problems. Wealth Migrate wants to ensure that we solve the long term problems of rebuilding family’s homes. There are 408 destroyed, and counting…. Let’s use the power of the crowd, technology and crowdfunding to rebuild their houses, rebuild their lives and help them co-create a better future for themselves and their families. Click here to be part of the solution… Or if you can’t fund the project yourself, please be so kind to share, as we need a global solution to a local problem.

Knysna is one most picturesque towns in the country and it is surrounded by mountains. On Wednesday this quaint town was hit by a tsunami of problems. The town braced itself for a 30-year storm and all the schools were closed. There were gale force winds and trees everywhere were being blown down. Then it all went pear shaped. Fires started and spread so quickly. The tiny fire department is normally amazing and used to dealing with a fire in one spot. However, this fire spread quickly to all the surrounding mountains and was literally burning on all sides. The wind was spreading it faster than anyone could control, the helicopters couldn’t get airborne because of the winds and whats app groups were created to desperately try get people to safety. The residents scrambled and everyone was evacuated to close to the water. My father in law had to even be evacuated by boat from Brenton on Lake as they were trapped by fires on all sides. The N2 road, in and out of the town, was blocked. There was no way to escape!

Wednesday night was terrifying and no one knew what would happen next as the wind fueled the flames and there was no rain. People fought for their homes. Others helped. The community came together in a bid to survive! This is just one example of so many I know of below and this is the video I made that night.

On Thursday morning, as the sun came up, the extent of the devastation became clear. Although most of the town’s infrastructure is in place, so many homes were literally flattened. Take a look at these pictures. (I took these myself)

Every time I walk around my house and look at my sentimental things, I can’t but help feel really sorry for those who have lost their houses. Some will have insurance and be able to replace the material things, but there is so much in a person’s homes which is irreplaceable and no amount of money will be able to solve this. My concern is that many people in Knysna live on very limited means and I guarantee don’t have insurance to rebuild their homes. With over 30 homes being destroyed with just parents in my sons Private School, there are apparently over 408 homes lost and 3000 people displaced.

Now it is time for once again the community to solve this grand challenge. This time not just the Knysna community, but the South African and global community who can use the power of technology. Let’s use the power of the crowd to rebuild their houses, rebuild their lives and help them turn their properties back into their homes.

I, Scott Picken, Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate have been a resident of Knysna for 4 years. We are passionate about crowdfunding and its power to mobilise the crowd to solve the world’s grand challenges. Add to this that this that property is the corner stone of wealth for a family and we want to provide a solution for the people of Knysna who have been affected by the fire to rebuild their homes.

Short term people are raising funds for disaster relief, delivering key essentials and clothes. This is awesome. What I am worried about is when the hype is over, these families will still be without homes. We need to Rebuild Knysna’s homes! This is a long term project, this is my life’s purpose and passion!

Wealth Migrate is one of the drivers of the Wealth Movement. It’s purpose is to create a better and more sustainable planet for all, by providing wealth through technology and property ownership. In simple terms we help people build wealth, both locally and globally, through technology and property. As a resident of Knysna I believe that charity starts at home. Let use crowdfunding to solve this grand challenge for this community. Wealth Migrate and BackaBuddy, leading crowdfunding solutions, both globally and locally respectively, have combined together to enable this. While Wealth Migrate is driving this locally, they will continue on their purpose to empower everyone with access to the Wealth Effect of property through the use of Technology.

My wife, Kelly Picken, who is the volunteer Head Santa Shoe Box for the Garden Route and Eastern Cape will be managing how to support those people who have lost their homes. She has an intricate knowledge of what is actually happening in the community and ensure it is getting to the right people. Kelly and I will be donating R10k, Wealth Migrate will be donating R100k to the project and committing 1% of its revenue for next 12 months to ensure that they can kickstart this crowdfunding project. 100% of all funds will be given to those who need them and no management fee will be applied at all. Get the money to the people who really need it! Please help us use the power of the crowdfunding to Rebuild Knysna’s Homes and solve a grand challenge for this community!

Click here to be part of the solution –

If you can’t help financially please make sure that you share it with your friends and social media connections to ensure we can find a global solution to a severe local problem. Thank you in advance.

PS This is why it is essential we rebuilt their homes and quite frankly give everyone access to the wealth of property (see below):

According to research, children who grow up in substandard and overcrowded homes, have:

  • Poorer physical and mental health,
  • 2 ½ times increase in acute lower respiratory tract infections,
  • Increase of meningococcal disease, tuberculosis, acute rheumatic fever, helicobacter pylori (bacteria that causes stomach ulcers), hepatitis and bronchiectasis which leads to serious lunch disease,
  • Infant mortality increases 400%,
  • Higher blood pressure amongst boys and learned helplessness amongst girls,
  • Stress, anxiety and depression due to a feeling of loss of control of ones situation, and
  • More conflict in the home.

In comparison, home owning parents raise their children with:

  • Improved cognitive abilities and reduced behavioural problems
  • Sense of ownership of property
  • Great residential stability
  • Greater life satisfaction and self-esteem for adults, who, in turn, provide a more positive home environment for children.

According to a Joint Centre for Housing Studies, Harvard University, children of homeowners tend to:

  • Achieve higher levels of education,
  • Achieve higher levels of income,
  • Own homes sooner,
  • Have larger wealth accumulation.

This is commonly referred to as the Wealth Effect.

Click here to be part of the solution –

If you can’t help financially please make sure that you share it with your friends and social media connections to ensure we can find a global solution to a severe local problem. Thank you in advance.

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