Turn Monopoly from a game into real life!


Friends we have listened and we have created workshops to spend real time and teach people how to get involved in both local (South Africa) and offshore real estate (USA, UK and Australia). Click here to book and join us live.

Therefore in May & June we have planned workshops to ensure we can spend real time and you can not only get deep knowledge and understanding, you also have the ability to get involved and make sure that you can take the vital actions which are needed. I will try and share the best lessons I have learnt in the last 17 years (working with some of the wealthiest people globally), while also sharing some of the in-depth due diligence & research we do on all the markets, cities and properties globally.

You should attend this session if you want answers to any of the below:

  • How can I start investing, creating and preserving wealth through property, from as little as R1000, both locally and internationally?
  • How do I invest in international property, whether I have $1k or $5m?
  • How can I get citizenship overseas?
  • How can I use technology to remove all the hassle, expenses and pain traditionally involved in investing in direct property, both locally and internationally?
  • How do I handle taxes, bank accounts and global structures?
  • How do I know what country to invest in?
  • How do I know what property to invest in?
  • How do I find quality partners on the ground to partner with?
  • Why should I consider using technology rather than the traditional REITS and what impact it will this have on my actual returns?
  • Where do I get the best research and what systems can I use to do institutional grade due diligence on my investments?
  • And many more…

Click here to book –

The dates:

  • Midrand – 25th May
  • Durban – 30th May
  • Cape Town – 1st June

I, along with our team, will be sharing, teaching and engaging all morning to take people on the entire journey and ensure that they are following the strategies of some of the most successful investors in the world. PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOPS as we have a gift and each and every person will walk away having started on their journey to creating and owning a global real estate portfolio. It is simpler and safer than you think!

This is a first of its kind in South Africa and we at Wealth Migrate continue to push the boundaries and aim to add as much value as we can for you. I highly recommend you do not miss out!

What you will NOT get from these events:

  • An upsell to a coaching course
  • An upsell to some product (run to the back of the room)
  • An upsell to some education course, etc

We are passionately about sharing our knowledge and inviting people to experience how technology can really enhance their lives, investing and wealth. Think of it like Uber. The reason they gave away free rides was that they knew once you had tested it, you would never go back to the old, expensive, inefficient, slow and troublesome alternative. We are no different, we want to invite you to come and test drive with us. We are so confident you will get tremendous value that if you don’t believe you got your money’s worth, I will not only refund your ticket, I will pay you R500 for your time. Now that is putting my money where my mouth is.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Scott Picken

PS I would really ask you to share this invite with your friends. Let’s really aim to empower as many South African’s as we can. I would really appreciate your support.


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